Designing solutions for microsoft sharepoint 2010

To customize these styles, you can modify them directly in the master page, page layout, or site page, or modify the styles directly in the CSS file attached to the page — both of which you can do using the powerful CSS editing tools in SharePoint Designer Jason Lee works as a writer, developer, and consultant at Content Master. The following sections explore the SharePoint Designer experience and user interface:.

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Start by connecting to data sources, both inside and outside of SharePoint. Adding a database as a data source allows you to integrate data from another microzoft to your site. Once you create a list or library, you can customize its associated columns, content types, and other schema attributes. In many cases, there are multiple style sheets applied to a page. Designing a Security Plan After completing this module, students will microsft able to: The following sections cover the pillars of customization when designing and building solutions using SharePoint Designer Using these actions, your workflows can, for example, send emails, check items in or out of lists, do calculations, and much more.

Each step may contain any number of conditions and actions. Planning Managed Metadata This module describes the function of managed metadata and explains how you can best use the Managed Metadata Service to deliver business benefits. Find your Microsoft Certification Study Group.

Designing Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (eBook)

Describe the function of content types and explain how 20100 apply them to business requirements. Designing a Security Plan This module describes the security architecture of SharePoint and the considerations that you must include in your security planning. From here, just specify the server and a site name and create the site. Workflows for business application processes might update one data source when another data source changes; and workflows for human collaborative processes might send a document to an employee's manager for approval.

This kind of flexibility allows you to create completely customized user experiences to microeoft business data. This is an electronic book eBook.

SharePoint Designer is designed for SharePoint sites and later. Describe the search architecture and process in SharePoint Business Connectivity Services BCS is a SharePoint-based framework that provides standardized interfaces to existing business data and processes. Expand your Office skills. Planning Enterprise Content Management After completing this module, students will be able sarepoint In short, Designing Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint can help you take your SharePoint design and development skills to the next level.

It also explains how to map functionality and components in SharePoint against business requirements for different business continuity metrics.

Introducing SharePoint Designer

Describe how the social computing functionality in SharePoint meets business needs. Your site is created and then opens in SharePoint Designer There are three main areas of the SharePoint Designer interface that you work in to design and build sites:. Describe the considerations for developing a maintenance and monitoring plan that incorporates technologies that support SharePoint Plan and document enterprise search for capacity and performance.

Describe the principles of designing to maximize performance. Click the File tab in the upper left to go to this view. Identify business requirements and describe how business requirements affect the logical architecture of a SharePoint deployment. Publishing pages use the publishing infrastructure in SharePoint, and they help you streamline browser-based content authoring and publishing without all the overhead typically associated with the process.

Introducing SharePoint Designer - SharePoint

Present this information to users and let them submit information back, using a SharePoint site or an Office client application. Thank you for your feedback! Describe the security architecture in SharePoint and the importance of the principle of least privilege.