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They believe technology has the unique power to give businesses of all types and sizes the potential to reach their dreams. If you are looking to create an awesome website, keep your header clean and clutter free. So often, we try to make footer design elements tiny and almost unnoticeable — not so in this example. Piotr Kulczycki has a beautiful website header in his portfolio.

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Home Themes Testimonials Blog. With a menu in the header, the website owner provided information and extra tips, giving people the freedom to navigate within the website. Or you can likewise include some active components or header graphics to build your header in a more engaging, enjoyable, and personal way. Video backgrounds are new website header ideas which work very effectively.

Hero images will always be relevant to your site and they will always keep your viewer engaged. The templates are ready to use and easy to incorporate in any existing design. webiste

Designing your website header, body and footer

Parallax scrolling sites are just plain fun to browse. News or university sites provide excellent examples of wesbite content rich site. Some of the templates come with short JavaScript snippets, which are jQuery dependent, so make sure to copy them together with a link to jQuery via CDN or local file. Works in a decent hack-ish sort of way. Lifewire suggestively list some guides categories, that users might find useful.

Maybe it would be a god idea to limit the number of slides to just a few, and work to make these few slides appealing to the end users:. This is the strip across the bottom of a web page. The image should reflect your brand personality and ensure your brand voice is consistent throughout the whole website.

Website headings are a great way to communicate quality or experience. Their header focuses solely on this goal, without any extra clutter.

20+ Beautiful Website Headers and Why They Work So Well - ExtendThemes

In any of the above cases, the general rule of thumb is: Again, changing the height of your page body can easily by done by sliding the body edge up and down. This creative header is an excellent example of how to share this. They make great use of their space and offer users a great deal of yeader. Keep your viewer entertained while sharing an important message. When you open your template in your editor, you will see the site edge indicators: Depending on the purpose you give to the header, it may inspire in the readers one of the following:.

Brenda Barron Over to you: Tembo is a team of data scientists, designers, developers, and product managers deeply committed to making education data clear, accessible, and actionable.

10 Examples of Effective Website Header and Footer Design

There may come a time when your site has something truly special to show off to visitors, something you want them to download or buy. A well-thought-out header could prove to be even more useful with features like search, ecommerce functionality and accessibility options. As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can design a header for a WordPress site.

Certainly, people need to still be capable of finding their way throughout your website quickly, yet your header may be simply the spot to step out of the usual for a websiite and offer extra than everyday information.

For certain websites, it would be suitable to set up a header that inspires curiosity in the readers.

Strong typography can really make your content shine. If you are looking to create an awesome website, keep your header clean and clutter free.

This is a great waste of potential — especially for content-heavy websites. This pattern describes the most commonly used style of reading blocks of content in the online medium.

The best website headers are always simple and concise.