Dougal and the blue cat

Rusty and the other kids who show her a surprise: After Zebedee arrives and tells Florence of Dougal's dilemma, Florence goes to the garden and introduces Dougal to Buxton. Fielding, who still receives fanmail for her role in Carry on Screaming, put her alluring voice to the character of the Blue Queen in Dougal and the Blue Cat, which was originally released in

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Dougal and the Blue Cat: The Magic Roundabout movie finally hits DVD

Ermintrude asks where Brain is, and Dougal tells them what happened. A scriptbook, claiming to be the original screenplay, of the film by Eric Thompson was published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC inand features stills from the film. Buxton then enters the ruins of the old treacle eougal and is crowned King after correctly identifying the colours of seven doors each coloured different shades of blue.

A distressed Zebedee arrives, claiming that his moustache has gone missing earlier in the movie, his moustache began itching, as revealed in the French version, which he considered a bad omen.

This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat Dougal faces the dilemma of eating the sugar, and revealing his true identity, or resisting the sugar, thus earning Buxton's trust. Fielding is genuinely surprised at the suggestion it was all about drugs.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Perhaps I'm wrong but I can't imagine Eric would include stuff like that. For all its cult status, it is easy to forget that Dougal and the Blue Cat is still a children's film. To make sure of this, Buxton proceeds to lock Dougal in a torture chamber, which is a room full of sugar cubes.

She was asked to voice the Blue Queen after she starred in a play alongside Eric Thompson, who adapted the original French animated series for British audiences and narrated and voiced all the major characters. Whilst on the Moon, Dougal falls in a puddle and his dye washes off, revealing his true identity. Dougal manages to make it safely to Earth with a parachute, while Buxton, still in the rocket, crashes inside the factory.

After Zebedee arrives and tells Florence of Dougal's dilemma, Florence goes to the garden and introduces Dougal to Buxton.

Much has also been made of Dylan, the dozy rabbit, who just wants to watch his mushrooms grow, and the fact that Dougal buzzes with excitement when he swallows a sugar lump. Her spooky incantation — "Blue is beautiful. MacHenry, he takes the train to speak bluf Zebedee about it. The bits she has watched, she adores.

Dougal and the Blue Cat Trailer - Video Dailymotion

Within minutes of watching, however, they were delightedly repeating "blue is beautiful" after Fielding's voice. The otherworldly feel of Dougal and the Blue Cat is even more extreme ghe 40 years on. Sometime later, after taking a nap in Dougal's bed which Dougal objectedBuxton sneaks off to the treacle factory.

MacHenry uses magic to makes it snow and Mr.

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Its rambling rhythm and charm is from another era, and amidst the silliness there is high seriousness in Thompson's narration and the satire on totalitarianism. As she takes him to the bridge to meet the other animals, Dougal becomes jealous of the attention directed toward Buxton, and suspicious that the blue cat's arrival might be anr to the strange event from the previous night.

It was released in France in December and its English version, narrated by Eric Thompsonlike the original series, was released in I'm blue, I'm beautiful, I'm best! Madam Blue played by Fenella Fieldingwho wants to turn everything annd the world blue and everything that isn't blue will be destroyed, while anyone who isn't blue will be imprisoned. After briefly conversing with Ermintrude, Brian, Dylan, and Mr. The pair begin to fight, but manage dougxl make it to the rocket.

Dougal frees everyone from the prison cell, but as they escape, Brian tries to tell Dougal that they've forgotten something.

Eric Thompson Fenella Fielding. The moment you start identifying with situations and characters, you're lost. Brian takes it upon himself to reenter the factory on thee own, only for the factory to collapse to the ground.

Rusty gives everyone a ride on the magic roundabout.