Arceus and the jewel of life

With the Jewel of Life, Michina Town was soon flourishing with life. Damos manages to reach the last spark of life in Arceus' heart, giving it enough strength to reabsorb the Jewel and completely recover. Cocotama —present Inazuma Eleven:

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However her plan is to try to calm Arceus by returning the Jewel of Life which is in her possession.

Adventures in Unova and Beyond. As they are playing in the river, three watermelons float towards them.

Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

The Power of Us. Sheena then tells everyone an astonishing fact; Damos is her ancestor. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to steal some watermelons, only to come across a disguised Voltorb which sends them blasting off.

Shaymin is also seen, looking out to a sunrise with a smile. Retrieved from " https: When Arceus violently counterattacks, Ash and his friends nearly fall to their deaths along with Damos and the other man, but Sheena quickly prays to Dialga again and manages to get it to send them back a bit further in time.

Sun if Moon Ultra Adventures. Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Sheena are transported to jweel future, only to discover that Arceus is still furious and has defeated Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Home video Japan December 18, Later, Kato and Kiko recommend that they go Michina Town's famous ruins. Ash and the others discover Damos has put them on a mural, thanking them for their help in saving the world and see that even without the Jewel of Life, Michina is still beautiful due to Damos leading his people in supporting the land.

Watch the stunning finale to the trilogy when all of the secrets of the previous two movies will be revealed! Thinking back, Brock realizes that Marcus and Bronzong were present at the scene of Damos's betrayal and theorizes that Marcus was the real mastermind and that he was controlling Damos through Bronzong's Hypnosis.

Arceus und der Juwel des Lebens. Arceus returned to visit and was happy to see Damos doing so much good, but explained that the Jewel of Life must be returned at the date of the next solar eclipse as its life was in danger while it was parted from any of its Life Plates.

Arceus and the Jewel of Life | Movie | The official Pokémon Website in India

Arceus and his followers depart to their respective dimensions, with Arceus realizing that he is truly a part of the world that he created. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages Yo-kai Watch: Marcus smugly declares that even if he fails, Arceus will still die, and the future that Ash and his friends came from will cease to exist, meaning they will no longer exist as well. As a result of the battle, the Reverse World was damaged causing Giratina to be drawn into the conflict.

After that, Kato and Kiko suggest Ash and the gang visit the local temple ruins. The land was barren and lifeless and it appeared that Damos and the other inhabitants wouldn't survive the coming winter.

For the manga, see Arceus and the Jewel of Life manga. Marcus' intention is to kill Arceus himself to save the future. Sheena and Kevin explain xnd various worlds that exist: Arceus e a Joia da Vida. After presumably killing Damos in its counterattack, Arceus went to sleep, vowing to judge all humans when it next returns based on Damos's actions.

Arceus and the Jewel of Life! Z — Pochitto Hatsumei: Everyone is disappointed, so Kato and Kiko make them a deal: True to his word, Pikachu soon vanishes, and Ash begins to vanish as well as he attempts to return the Jewel of Life to the nearly-dead Arceus.

Everyone can't believe that Giratina is still after Dialga and plead with it to stop. Everyone is amazed to see the Legendary Dialga hovering above them, and even more so that Sheena was able to summon and communicate with it.