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On my way Group: Grading systems by country - Wikipedia en. This post has been edited by CleverDick: They will however update it to whatever grade you obtained in your resit paper. But I use d usual calculation method; but cannot get it

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Jun 1calculatlr Aww this is what I looking. Jun 8 It's fair to all students and you get the WAM score that you truly earn rather than weezling round an easily exploitable system.

Neither, it should be 2. Does all the private college have the same point value?

This post has been edited by Benjamin In my university, retaking a subject would mean that the maximum fgpa you can obtain is a grade C. You'll Never Walk Alone! CGPA up to 2nd year 3.

GPA Calculator | The Office of the Registrar

SBS 2nd year accounting student Unable to detect your location! This post has been edited by z21j: Thanks for the detailed explanation! I found this out because the dean gave me 40 resume which are all 1st class students!

I supose IPTA won't give us that kind of priviledge cos we rarely see many ppl spend years completing their bachelor degree. Jan 4 Sep 19 So if u could make sure what ur uni policy is, i can help count ur cgpa.

Office of Controller of Examinations

Current CGPA is 2. My name so cool.

Just to be fgpa. Moreover, there are 3 subcategories of honors cum laude ; summa cum laude - min CGPA 3. Facilities and quality of education are definitely better as we feel greatly challenged to do the best.

I also ponteng class a few time but does it really matter?? UTM is using the same method of cgpa calculation right?

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CGPA stands for cumulative grade point average, there's nothing cumulative in a single exam. Thanks for the quick reply.

Rise and Shine Group: Making friends as a commuter. This post has been edited by CleverDick: If 2nd year student repeat his D or failed subject during 1st year, no problem. Below is the grading system found to be most commonly used in United States May 28 Welcome Guest Log In Register. Haha XD ya, at calcupator I thought to calculate for him