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Tried uninstalling before installing the apk but to no avail… Any ideas? We can't promise that we will fix every issue that is brought to our attention there may be device limitations that prevent us from doing so but we will seek to address problems according to the complexity of the issue as well as the UK popularity and the user numbers of the device itself. Hi Helena, Zoe had a different problem, her browser had cached an old version in its memory and kept trying to download it.

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This is probably the most reliable way to use iPlayer from outside the UK.

So anyone with a Windows Phone-powered device may need to look for a new smartphone soon. But if you've got a large roaming data allowance — for example, through Vodafone's Data Traveller program — you'll be able to download or stream iPlayer content over a cellular connection.

Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you. Netflix is the leading subscription service for tabpet TV episodes and movies.

BBC Mundo, more than the news in Spanish. Hi Laurie, You probably have the old link cached in your browser so it is trying to download that same app that was not there.

This release does not have a Play Store Description, so we ipkayer one from version 4. You can choose more than one option: However, with more than five thousand different phone and tablet models able tablst install the BBC iPlayer Android and Amazon Fire app, there are likely to be a number of devices that exhibit bugs concerning download behaviour.

Why can't I download programmes on my Android or Amazon Fire device?

But we managed to solve the problem by clearing the cache in her browser. BBC iPlayer is available on: Above all, however, this Android app is remarkably good looking: Other updates are OK!

August 2, at 3: Should the BBC be made aware of a major issue with the downloads feature that is affecting a particular device, we now have the option to disable this feature for that specific model and operating system combination, while we assess whether it can be fixed.

Google Play Store Best Android apps for your new smartphone BBC News to offer audiences more in-depth analysis TV channels to follow Netflix and release all episodes at once. If you must do one then the other, at least build one version then hold back its release in the interests of equality. Naturally, if you're streaming more than one show a month from iPlayer, you're going to have to pay. Your email address will not be published. Sorry for the late reply — I was looking into this.

All is okay now. I downloaded the All 4 app and no problem loading it on my android box but it came up with a message saying it does not support rooted devices.

How Google Play prevents you from downloading country restricted apps When you created your account on Google Play, you gave permission to Google Play to access the full details of your Android phone or Android Tablet. The Particles app review. Catch up with the latest sports news and follow the latest sports scores on this Sky Sports Android app. The BBC has today confirmed that it will be pulling the iPlayer app for users with Windows Phone devices within the next few weeks.

BBC iPlayer Help - Why can't I download programmes on my Android or Amazon Fire device?

And now you can download and install this latest and great new My5 app from channel 5 onto your Android devices. If you don't want to mess around with roaming or VPNs, anxroid can always download the shows you want before you travel. Hi Kevin, Sorry for the delayed reply, but the MY5 app has been updated.

Going outside the UK? Hi Peter, Still having trouble downloading iPlayer, any ideas? They have since corrected this with the latest version which now stands at 6.

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