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Galla means "crowd", "foreigners" and carries derogatory connotation "ordinary, commoner" as opposed to moddai or "high descent". Demolishing poor People,s house etc. Makonnen July 13, at 6:

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We call upon all Ethiopians to say Enough is Enough and join the struggle against nut headed thugs Woyane!! But,they harassed,forcefully trying to assimilate this ancient people by denying their existence. Makonnen July 13, nnews 6: The earliest primary account of Oromo ethnography is the 16th-century "History of Galla" by Christian monk Bahrey who comes from the Sidama country of Gammo, written in the Ge'ez language.

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That is what freaks out them more than anything else. Retrieved from " https: The Oromo are divided into two major branches that break down into an assortment of clan families. Together we stand; divided we fall! James Currey,pp. The writer tried to praise the regime what he has been paid for. neews

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It belongs to the Cushitic branch of the Afroasiatic family. Hatred and the Construction of Identity. You have started to name a number of reasons when you are reporting news concerning Ethiopia E. The Borana Oromoalso amharicc the Boran, are a pastoralist group living in southern Ethiopia Oromia and northern Kenya. The pagan Galla and animist Sidama or Agew slaves made up the slave caravans coming out of Ethiopia, as slavers avoided Christian or Muslim slaves.

Berhanu Gurach January 30, at 6: State Building and Democratization in Africa. Now a days ethiopian medias tells us all in all an believable news.

The inter-clan relationships within the Oromo people, as well as their relationship with the Amhara people who are neews second largest ethnic group, have been historically complicated. I know you go a long way to ignore the news and event what is happining especially when the news has damaging report against the TPLF bandits and mafia group.

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The first private Afaan Oromoo newspaper in Ethiopia, Jimma Times, also known as Yeroo, was recently established, but it has faced a lot of harassment and persecution from the Ethiopian government since its beginning. This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. According to a estimate by James Minahan, about half of the Oromo people are Sunni Muslim, a third are Ethiopian Orthodox, and the rest are mostly Protestants or follow their traditional religious beliefs.

This savage and rapacious administrators are not willing to listen the voice of the people.

One-hour broadcasts in Amharic of news, interviews with newsmakers, features about culture, health, youth, politics, agriculture, development and sports on Monday through Sunday evenings at 9: The religious beliefs of the Oromo people evolved in this socio-political environment. By now it should be clear to every one TPLF has no any legitimacy to administer the country we know Ethiopia.

Messay April 26, at Its current size is square kilo meter hectares. Neas too enslaved other ethnic groups. It is a lunar-stellar calendar system.

A school of scholars state that during the conquest of the southern territories that created the modern Ethiopia, the neftenya-gabbar system brutally subordinated the Oromos, [96] Menelik's Army carried out mass atrocities during the conquest against civilians and combatants including torture, mass killings and large-scale slavery.

They began migrating, not together, but after separating. While Oromo people have lived in this region for a long time, the ethnic mixture of peoples who have lived here is unclear. Retrieved 7 November