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Eight teams, four from each conference, compete in three rounds of games to determine the winner of the "Super Colossal Cereal Bowl" which is a spoof of the Super Bowl in the NFL. There aren't any reviews yet. Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening 3: According to the credits, the core development team on this game was about 5 people, and boy does it show. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Occasionally, a tackle can look as though one player punched another to make him fall down, but no one is hurt.

I recommend the New England Patriots. The audio makes no sense in this game.

Retrieved 23 March Unfortunately, it's also nearly impossible to tackle opponents in this game. However, once you get a feel for how to play, what makes this game so much fun for kids is that you can throw in wild arcade-style power moves. When the team is chosen, a player would take turns choosing players with the CPU.

On defense, you tackle by flicking both the Wii remote and nunchuk down; and to jump, you flick the controllers up. Did you like playing with the crazy power-ups?

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Teen, 14 years old Written by jonnypants23 April 9, This game is awful. Foktball it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options Retrieved 7 April Unlike other football video games, it makes playing the game simple, since most of the main actions are tied to intuitive motion-controls using the Wii remote. We'd become stuck until one of the opponents wandered over and tackled us.

The problem is that which player is selectable depends on how close he is to the ball.

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Backyard Football, for its ambition to be the middle-ground, less complicated football option on Wii, ends up being just slightly less so than a full-on sim like Madden NFL The goal of the game is to lead a team to Cereal Bowl glory. The third type of gameplay is online play.

Good game My son truly loves this game. While the game has a practice mode, parents may need footvall help explain how you run plays to kids unfamiliar with playbooks. Cute, backyatd "kid" versions of the league's greatest players.

Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. As one of only two NFL video games playing in the season, Backyard Football '09 makes the most of the license in familiar fashion: Families can talk about what it's like to play sports with other kids, including famous NFL Pros as kids.

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You'll watch as the opposing team's defenders lumber slowly after your blazing running backs and are never able to catch you, as you run circles up and down the field like Bo Jackson could in the 20008 Bowl of old.

How about the other stars including Peyton Manning and Reggie Bush?

Based on 5 reviews. Occasionally a tackle looks like someone punches someone else, but no one is hurt. The coach guides their team through a game season, at the backgard of which if they are to win their division or be picked as the wild card, the team will compete in the playoffs.

Backyard Football '09 (Nintendo DS, 2008)

If they have never seen these before, the practice mode doesn't do a good job of explaining how they work. It's the season for the post-season, as bowl champs are crowned, playoff winners are determined and a nation full of fans counts down the days to the big game on Super Bowl Sunday. Backyard Football is the only game along with Backyard Baseball that offers online play with players across the globe.

Show More Show Less. The reviews backyare that the game targets more of a pre-teen audience. Be the first to review this title. Was it fun unlocking wacky stadiums in which to play, new players, and more power-ups?